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Spanish Chain 100 Montaditos Files for Bankruptcy in the US New recipes

Spanish Chain 100 Montaditos Files for Bankruptcy in the US

The company has filed for bankruptcy, affecting 17 American locationsThe chain’s locations in Spain and other countries will not be affected.100 Montaditos, the popular fast-casual sandwich chain from Spain, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for its locations in the United States, reports Nation’s Restaurant News.

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Portuguese waffles New recipes

Portuguese waffles

I named them this way, because I was inspired by the net, I found the recipe on Luisa Alexandra's blog -Portugalia2 eggs2 tablespoons sugar1 salt powder1 cup milk2 tablespoons coconut flakes2 cups flour150 gr butter yeast as a cherry1 baked powder2 vanilla sugar caramelized apricot portions: 3 Preparation time: less than 15 minutes PREPARATION RECIPE Portuguese waffles: Eggs are mixed whole with yeast, soft butter, vanilla sugar, salt, then put alternately mixing flour and milk.

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Federal Government Seizes Frozen Crab Products Due to Listeria Contamination New recipes

Federal Government Seizes Frozen Crab Products Due to Listeria Contamination

U.S. Marshals confiscated about 5,000 frozen Jonah Crab products processed at Rome Packing CompanyRome Packing Company is currently not operating or producing food.About 5,000 cases of frozen crab products have been seized by U.S. Marshals because they are tainted with listeria.The ready-to-eat crabs were processed by Rome Packing Company, Inc.

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Cream of leeks New recipes

Cream of leeks

Recipe Cream of leeks from 12-09-2014 Updated on 06-03-2017 The cream of leeks intrigued me for a while, I had seen various pairings with prawns or salmon and it seemed like a great mix of flavors, so I wanted to try and this is the pleasant result;) Girls sorry for the delay today, but this morning I had the first meeting at Elisa's school, Monday will be her first day of school and today we went to see her classroom and to meet her teacher.

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Carroty Mac and Cheese Recipe New recipes

Carroty Mac and Cheese Recipe

Like most little kids, Dahlia loves macaroni and cheese, and I‘ve made it for her in many guises, running the gamut of techniques. My aim is always the same — to make the dish quickly with a minimum of fuss and to use a maximum of vegetables that she will tolerate and not pick out.This is one of both our favorites.

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Dessert cake with cocoa biscuits in cream New recipes

Dessert cake with cocoa biscuits in cream

We're preparing the countertop. Turn the oven to 180 degrees C. Sprinkle salt over the egg whites and mix until foamy. Gradually add the sugar, which I grind and turn into foam and continue mixing until the meringue becomes very firm. Mix the finely ground walnut with the breadcrumbs and flour, then gradually incorporate the mixture into the egg white meringue.

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