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Pecan Praline-Crusted Yams Recipe

Pecan Praline-Crusted Yams Recipe

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Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Bring a large pot of salted water to boil over high heat. Add the yams and cook until soft. Remove from heat and strain completely. Place in a mixing bowl, add the butter, and beat with a whisk until smooth. Add the eggs and whisk again to incorporate.

Scald the milk in a saucepan: Bring it nearly to a boil over medium heat, stirring regularly, to keep the bottom from scorching. When bubbles start to form around the edges, remove from heat. Add the milk to the yams. Add the sugar and mix well. Transfer to a baking dish.

Pour the pecan praline over yam mixture and bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Use a cake tester to check for doneness. Serve hot.

Pecan Praline Yams

Pecan Praline Yams are a yummy Thanksgiving tradition! Canned yams, baked with brown sugar, coconut, butter & pecans are an easy side dish for a family feast!

Wow… Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Time to start thinking about turkey, dressing, potatoes and the other traditional side dishes that will be prepared, including these amazing Pecan Praline Yams, baked with brown sugar, coconut, butter and pecans!

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Tamearra Dyson's candied yams are a taste of Southern warmth by way of Oakland

"Getting together was very, very important," says Dyson, the Bay Area–raised chef/owner of Oakland's Souley Vegan, where authentic Louisiana Creole dishes are made with entirely plant-based ingredients. "I was always amazed at how much time and energy she put into making sure every detail was perfect."

At Christmas, too, Dyson's mom went all out. "When I was younger, being the kind of strong-willed, rebellious, go-against-the-grain person that I am, I would tell my mom 'why do you celebrate Christmas, it's not a real holiday,'" she remembers. "But as the years went on, I realized that it just made her happy. She did it for no other reason than to make her happy."

The lesson was an important one. By 2009, the year Dyson opened her Oakland restaurant, she found that her mother's appreciation for the holidays had seeped into her own kitchen, too. That November, with her mom's dressing recipe in hand, Dyson prepared a Thanksgiving buffet at Souley Vegan. Eleven years on, it's become an annual tradition complete with bottomless mimosas.

"Thanksgiving was so important for everybody involved. The community, they treated [the restaurant] like home," she explains. "The staff are running around crazy in the morning because everything must be perfect. And then, after I go through my crazy episode, I'm so happy and just elated about the holiday."

Along with her mom's dressing, a secret recipe that involves plenty of butter and olives, Dyson's annual Thanksgiving feast at Souley Vegan includes everything from seitan fried chik'n and pesto basil mac and cheese to buttered black eyed peas and mashed potatoes with brown butter gravy. But the dish she arguably loves most of all is candied yams—her Southern-style recipe includes praline pecans and cinnamon. It is gorgeous on the table and even better when the late night, post-Thanksgiving munchies come calling.

"It's so amazing," says Dyson. "I really really enjoy making and building those flavors, having a little bit of salty in the sweet. It goes so well with my mom's dressing and all the fixings." Plus, she laughs, they're full of vitamin A so the indulgence is totally justifiable.

With COVID on the loose, the holidays will look different this year. Large family gatherings are out of the question and so is the traditional Thanksgiving buffet at Souley Vegan. But despite it all, there's still plenty of joy to be found if we just let ourselves find it.

"There's not enough of us that just do things that make us happy," Dyson muses. "If this time of year makes you happy, then walk around the house in a Santa hat and elf shoes. A happy community, a happy society, is happiness for everybody."

// Souley Vegan (301 Broadway, Jack London Square) is open for takeout and delivery Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 8pm. The restaurant will be open for limited outdoor dining and takeout on Thanksgiving Day,

Recipe: Tamearra Dyson's Pecan Praline Candied Yams

(Photography by Aubrie Pick)


4 medium size yams (Sweet potatoes will work as well.)

1/3 cup vegan butter, cut into pieces

1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract (The Spice Hunter)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Wash, peel, then chop the yams about 1/2 inch thick. Place into a 9x13 baking dish and coat with brown sugar.

Cut butter into 6 parts and spread evenly across the top of the yams. Add the rest of the ingredients, giving the yams a mix to ensure all ingredients are evenly spread. Cover the baking dish with foil, then bake the yams in the oven for 30 minutes.

Remove the yams from the oven and baste them with the candied mixture. Cover and bake for another 15 minutes.

Uncover yams and bake another 5 minutes, then remove from the oven. Let yams sit for about 10 minutes.

Sprinkle the pecans on top of the yams before serving—enjoy!

Thank you to our partners at The Spice Hunter.

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For more festive dishes with global flavors prepared by top Bay Area chefs, go to

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Used Japanese, garnet, and 1 other variety sweet potato/yams. Used about half the butter. It was a less sickly sweet alternative to the candied yams with marshmallows we normally have. Presentation is bleh, but taste was good with the pecans and not too sweet. Recipe is too large for 4 people. It's difficult to find smallish yams/sweet potatoes in the stores. I used only 3 and they weren't the largest in the bin, but towards the smaller side.

I have been using this recipe for years but use the yellow sweet potato instead of red yams. I don’t like super sweet so I salt the sweet potatoes to balance the flavor. Everyone loves the topping so I double that.

This has been our family go-to recipe for the last 10 years. I double the topping and also boil the yams for about 10 mins

I've been making this for ten years. I do add a splash of bourbon and cut back the maple syrup a little. .

Please, people - yams and sweet potatoes are NOT the same thing! Food writers should know better.

This was sickeningly sweet and a waste of good ingredients! The butter never penetrated the top layer after putting the topping on so it stayed a field of white, nutty flour. So easy to make good yams, too. I will stick with the tried and true next time.

Made this for Thanksgiving this year, as my sweet side. It was delicious and easy to make.

Easy to make and simply delicious! A staple at all my holiday meals, there is rarely any left over. Highly recommend!

This is a nice recipe. I made a few changes. I boiled the 3/16" slices 3-4 minutes, drained, them microwaved, covered about 4 minutes, with a little water on the bottom. I then added the maple syrup/brown sugar mixture and baked, uncovered 15' at 400. I'm afraid of saturated fat clogging my arteries so I left it and the flour out. Everyone enjoyed it.

Perfect as-is. My guests loved it and my daughter has requested it again.

Was awesome. made it for Thanksgiving. was everyone at the tables favorite. definately will make again and not just at Thanksgiving! Good as leftovers too!

This is going to be the only sweet potato I make from now on! Like other reviewers, I doubled the topping amount. I also substituted half of the brown sugar with maple sugar for more maple-y goodness.

If you are already a fan of candied yams, this is a great twist, with a yummy maple flavor that marries well with all the other flavors of Thanksgiving. Be sure to slice the yams about 1/4 inch thick so they cook enough. I followed the recipe exactly, and found it to be perfect as is.

this was great - i only had 4 people over so i halved the yam recipe and kept the topping amount the same - i would definitely double the topping if you plan to use the whole recipe. I'll probably use the food processor for the topping next time - seems easier than using your fingers.

I've made this recipe several times, it's great. The one thing Iɽ caution though is try to use several smaller yams rather than the really large yams. Otherwise if you use really large yams they will definitely need more time to cook than the recipe calls for.

This was just too sweet for our tastes. More like a dessert than a side dish.

This was great! We had it for Thanksgiving, and it was a great sweet addition to all the savory items on the table. We only had half the yams, but we used the regular amount of topping. It was great, but we could each only eat a small amount because it was so sweet. It served 7 and there was some left over.

This is now my holiday yam recipe. It is beloved by all who taste it, and it is quite simple and quick to prepare. I used to swear by my mother's sweet potato recipe (replete with marshmallows on top), but this more subtle, but just as tasty, version has won out. Try this - and the more pecans and maple syrup, the better!

This was a huge hit at my Christmas dinner! It has nice flavors and the topping adds a great crunchy texture. A good alternative to the standard candied sweet potatos with marshmallows or boring mashed.

Great recipe! nice balance between the syrup and the nuts. Use good maple syrup. Made it for Thanksgiving and will be making it for Christmas Day.

Made this for thanksgiving dinner and a few in my party loved it although most wouldn't try it because the way it looked -- not appealing at all.

I have been making this recipe for 6 years now. My family and friends all insist I bring it to every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do double the topping and everyone just loves it. It isn't traditional, which is fine by me, because prior to this recipe, I didn't eat yams.

I cut back on the maple syrup and this was still way too sweet. Also, I made the topping just as the recipe says and it came out of the oven looking like it was dusted with flour. Not appealing to look at and not tasty. Lots left uneaten after supper. Disappointing after all the good reviews.

I love sweet potatoes and I'm always looking for the ultimate dish. This is not it, but it's very good and Iɽ make it again. I left out the pecans and used 2 fewer tablespoons of butter but it was still very tasty.

This is a holiday staple in our house - Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah! I double the topping since it's SO yummy and in this case, more is definitely better.

Authentic Soul Food Style Baked Candied Yams!

It’s been a long time coming, but the time is here- and I MUST share my recipe for some good old fashioned baked candied yams, soul food style! I refer to the baked candied yams as my soul food version, because these are the kind of candied yams that you would buy from an authentic soul food restaurant. These candied yams are so buttery, and tender. The practically melt in your mouth!

Although I uploaded a recipe for ” The Best Candied Yams Ever” a few years ago, this recipe will give that recipe a run for it’s money. Now don’t get me wrong- both recipes are amazing. However, if you’re looking for southern or soul food style candied yams, this is the recipe that you want. Also, these yams are actually easier to make because there are less cooking steps!

So now that I have your full attention, let me show and tell you how I make my Baked Candied Yams – Soul Food Style!

For my southern style candied yams, I use Garnet Yams ( which is actually a red sweet potato!). I love the orange flesh of garnet yams. They make beautiful candied yams, and they are also nice and sweet! I like buying medium sized yams because they are easier to deal with when it comes to peeling & cutting .

The candied mixture that I pour over my candied yams is a combination butter, sugar, and yummy spices such as ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and dash of ground clove!

Making these southern baked candied yams is super easy. Simply wash the yams, peel & cut them, then pour the delicious & very fragrant candied mixture all over the yams, then bake them! There is no boiling, or any other step required for these yams! Simply bake them until they are nice and tender, and you are good to go!

Before getting started, I will warn you that these yams will go fast! Everyone loves these southern style candied yams! No Joke! This recipe will probably feed about 8 people (depending on their appetites!) If you are feeding a large crowd of people, you may want to make several dishes of these yams! You CAN double and triple this recipe!

Pecan Praline Candied Yams

Turkey Day is almost here and I am still doing the countdown people! Today, I am sharing with you two of my favorite foods, Candied Yams and Pecan Pralines…now add these two tasty things together and you have a mouthwatering, delicious side for your Thanksgiving table.

Don’t forget my foodie friends are also sharing their favorite Turkey Day Eats below.

I started off with three large yams/sweet potatoes, prick them all over and bake for about 50 minutes at 400 degrees.

After the yams cooled slightly, I peeled and diced them into about 1-2 inch chunks.

Next, I melted some butter with brown sugar, pecans, cinnamon, and maple syrup , toss in the yams, cook for about 5 minutes to heat the yams up and finish off the dish with a dash of fresh lemon juice and real vanilla.

This is a really quick side dish after the baking time, but I prefer to bake the yams instead of boiling them because I think the yam retains more of the flavor.

Something about boiling the yams just screams…the flavor is left in the water…!

The yams are all candied and sweet, and it’s time to eat!

Look at the beautiful dish my foodie friend Heather at Sugar Dish Me created! This beautiful Warm Quinoa Salad with Brussels Sprouts, Pecans and Cranberries is a must make for Turkey Day!

Pecan Praline Candied Yams

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Servings: 4

3 large yams or sweet potatoes
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 stick butter
1/2 cup pecans, shopped
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 teaspoon cinnamon


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Rinse yams and prick all over with a fork. Place on a baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 50 minutes, remove from oven, allow to cool slightly, peel skin, dice into 1 inch chunks and set aside.

Place butter, sugar, pecans in a skillet over medium low heat, cook for about 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly, add cream, maple syrup, and cinnamon, mix well.

Add sweet potatoes and cook for about 5-6 minutes, mixing well. Add vanilla and lemon juice, mix well, serve warm.

Roasted Maple Pecan Yams

4 1/2 to 5 cups (about 2 lbs.) of yams, peeled and cut into 1 inch cubes

1/2 cup of pecans

1/2 cup of maple syrup

2 tbsp. of balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

1. In a medium bowl, toss the yams, pecans, oil, and kosher salt together. Spread the yams and pecans out evenly on a baking sheet. Place in the oven and cook for 20 minutes.

2. Turn the yams and pecans over and place them back in the oven and bake for another 15 minutes. While the yams are baking in the oven, pour the maple syrup and balsamic vinegar in a small sauce pan and bring to a boil. Continue to boil the syrup until it reduces by half and thickens, stirring occasionally.

3. Remove the pan of yams from the oven and drizzle the maple syrup glaze over the yams. Gently toss to evenly coat. Return to the oven and bake for an additional 5 minutes. Remove from oven and serve immediately.

Candied Yams with Pecans and Marshmallows

When deciding on a name for this recipe I went with what I’ve called it for years and what my grandmother called it…”Candied Yams“.

But technically, the “yams” in this recipe are really sweet potatoes.

Somewhere down the line sweet potatoes were called yams and the name stuck.

But in my mind, I’ve kept it simple…yams had the purple-ish reddish skin, and sweet potatoes had the lighter tan colored skin. So simple but definitely not technically correct.

I’ve always used the sweet potatoes with the purple skin for my holiday recipes because the inside of the potato has such a beautiful and vibrant orange color to it.

I must have been lucky when picking the potatoes with the purple skin and orange flesh inside because there are varieties of purple skinned sweet potatoes that are white inside.

And sometimes sweet potatoes with the light tan colored skin are actually white inside too. I learned this the hard way when cutting into a sweet potato expecting to see a bright orange color for my candied yam recipe.

Thank goodness I had time to go back to the grocery store to buy the orange fleshed sweet potato, or the “yam” as I call them.

In this recipe I refer to yams and sweet potatoes interchangeably.

So let’s talk about this simple and delicious recipe for candied yams.

I’ve been making it for years and it’s always a hit as a side dish with my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

It’s made in a 8 x 8 inch square glass baking dish and there are two layers of cooked (boiled) cut sweet potatoes and scrumptious toppings.

The toppings in each layer include butter, brown sugar, real maple syrup and coarsely chopped pecans.

And what I really love about this dish (besides everything) is that it can be partially prepared ahead of time.

If preparing this dish ahead of time, after the layers of yams and toppings are added to the baking dish, it’s wrapped in cellophane and stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days before baking and serving.

If preparing this dish ahead of time, it needs to be removed from the refrigerator and set on the kitchen counter for about 45 minutes before serving. The first 10 minutes are to bring the dish and ingredients to room temperature. Then the cellophane is removed and the ingredients are stirred.

Next, the process is the same if preparing this dish ahead of time or making it before serving.

Starting at about 35 minutes before serving, the baking dish is covered in foil and warmed in the oven for 15 minutes, then removed from the oven so that the marshmallows can be added on top of the yams.

Then back into the oven it goes for about 20 minutes to further warm the potatoes and toast the marshmallows. See below for more details and step-by-step instructions and pictures.

These yams can either be served right from the baking dish (with a warning to guests that the dish is hot of course)…

…or transferred to a serving bowl.

These candied yams taste best when served as soon as soon as possible so that the marshmallows are still crispy. So good.

Let’s check out the ingredients.

Yams (orange-fleshed sweet potatoes), butter, real maple syrup, brown sugar, ground cinnamon, salt, coarsely chopped pecans and miniature marshmallows

A printable recipe with the measurements and instructions is located at the bottom of this post.

Here’s how to make it.

Peeling and Cutting the Yams – Cut off a small piece from each end, and peel the yams.

Cut each yam in half widthwise.

With the flat sides down, cut each half yam in half from top-to-bottom.

TIP – When cutting the yams, set them on the cutting board with the flat, cut-side facing down so that the yam doesn’t roll when cutting it.

With the flat sides down, cut the yams into about 2-inch chunks that are as equal in size as possible.

TIP – Don’t cut the pieces too small or they may turn into mush when cooked.

TIP – Cut the yams into pieces that are all about the same size so that they cook evenly.

Testing the Quantity of Cut Yams – Do a quick “quantity” test to see if more cut yams can fit in the baking dish or if there are too many…

…In the baking dish (ungreased), add the cut pieces of yams.

Fill the baking dish with cut pieces of yams so that they are evenly spread across the dish and reach about 1/2 inch below the top of the dish.

The 1/2 inch space should be enough for the layer of marshmallows that’s added towards the end.

Boiling the Yams – Fill a large pot about 2/3’s full with cold water and add the cut yams.

TIP – If the water level in the pot is close to the top, remove some of the water so it doesn’t boil over.

TIP – The potatoes should cook more evenly when added to cold water. If added to boiling water, the outside of the potato cooks faster than the inside.

Heat the pan on medium heat and bring the water to a boil.

Let the potatoes cook until a cooking fork or paring knife can easily pierce the potato (about 8 to 9 minutes once the water starts to boil).

Be careful not to overcook the potatoes or they’ll be mushy and fall apart.

Preparing the Baking Dish – While the yams are boiling, generously grease the inside (bottom and sides) of the baking dish (8࡮ inch square baking dish).

Preparation of Ingredients – Once the yams are fork tender, strain them in a colander. Set aside.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

If making the yams ahead of time, no need to preheat the oven at this point.

Cut the butter into small cubes. Set aside.

Layering the Yams and ToppingsLayer #1: to the greased baking dish, add an even layer of half the quantity of the cooked yams.

Lightly sprinkle half the quantity of salt on the yams.

Evenly drizzle half the quantity of the maple syrup on the yams.

Evenly sprinkle half the quantity of the ground cinnamon on the yams.

Top the yams with half the quantity of the cubes of butter (add the butter evenly around the yams so it’s not all in one area).

Evenly add half the quantity of the brown sugar on top of the yams.

Next, for the last topping on Layer #1…

…evenly add half the quantity of the coarsely chopped pecans.

Next, for Layer #2 – add an even layer of the remaining yams…

…lightly sprinkle the remaining salt on the yams…

…evenly drizzle the remaining maple syrup on the yams…

…evenly sprinkle the remaining ground cinnamon on the yams…

…top the yams with the remaining cubes of butter…

…evenly sprinkle the remaining brown sugar on the yams…

…and last but not least…top the yams with the remaining coarsely chopped pecans.

If Making This Before Serving:

Skip the step of wrapping the yams in cellophane (discussed below) and

Skip the step of storing the yams in the refrigerator (discussed below).

Next, go to the step of wrapping the dish in foil and starting the baking process (discussed below).

If Partially Preparing This Ahead of Time:

No more prep is needed for now except for…

…wrapping the baking dish with the prepared yams in cellophane, and storing it in the refrigerator for up to 2 days before the baking process and serving.

Here’s a picture of how the layered ingredients look after being in the refrigerator for 2 days.

The only thing different that needs to be done if partially preparing these yams ahead of time and storing them in the refrigerator is to stir the ingredients together before the baking process.

If prepared ahead of time, about 45 minutes before serving, remove the yams from the refrigerator, set the dish on the counter for about 10 minutes to bring it and the ingredients to room temperature, remove and discard the cellophane, and stir the ingredients together.

If the yams are made before serving, no need to stir the ingredients before the baking process.

For the Baking Process – Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

ABOUT 35 MINUTES BEFORE SERVING – cover the yams in foil and bake in a preheated oven for 15 minutes.

Remove the yams from the oven and set the baking dish onto a cookie sheet (for use when baking the yams again topped with marshmallows).

Remove and discard the foil.

Top the yams with marshmallows.

Spread the marshmallows evenly over the yams.

Bake uncovered in a preheated oven until the yams are heated through and the marshmallows start to turn a light golden color (about 20 minutes).

Serve as soon as possible while the marshmallows are still crispy.

Serve right out of the baking dish…

…(with a warning to guests that the dish is hot of course).

Or, transfer the yams to a serving dish or bowl.

…enjoy each and every bite.

Thank you so much for stopping by CCC!

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Maple-Glazed Yams with Butter Pecan Topping

This is a wonderful side dish for the holidays! Tender chunks of parboiled yam are baked in a buttery maple syrup and topped with crunchy pecan streusel.

Recipe Ingredients:

4 pounds yams*, peeled and cut into 1/4-inch chunks
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1/2 cup (1 stick) plus 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, chilled, cut into 1/2-inch pieces - divided use
2/3 cup all-purpose flour
2/3 cup light brown sugar, packed
1 cup pecans, coarsely chopped

Cooking Directions:

  1. Preheat oven to 400ºF (205ºC). Butter 13x9x2-inch baking dish.
  2. Bring large pot of water to boil add yams. Cook about 4 minutes or until water returns to simmer drain. Rinse under cold water.
  3. Arrange yams in prepared dish. Season with salt. Pour syrup over yams. Dot with 3 tablespoons butter. Cover and bake about 25 minutes or until yams are almost tender.
  4. Mix flour and brown sugar in medium bowl. Add remaining 1/2 cup butter. Cut in until mixture resembles coarse meal. Add pecans mix.
  5. Sprinkle pecan mixture over yams bake 20 minutes or until tender.

*Sweet potatoes may be substituted.

Recipe and photograph provided courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.

How to make sweet potato casserole with pecan streusel

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add the sweet potatoes and cook until soft and tender, 20 – 25 minutes. Drain and let cool.

In the meantime, make the topping: Melt the butter in a medium bowl the microwave. (Alternatively, melt the butter in a small pan or over low heat and transfer to a medium bowl.)

Add the brown sugar, flour, and cinnamon.

Mix until well combined. It should look a little clumpy.

Add the chopped nuts.

Stir to combine and set aside.

Place the cooked and drained sweet potatoes in a large bowl.

Mash with a potato masher or large fork until very smooth.

Add the melted butter, salt, and brown sugar and nutmeg.

Mix well, then add the eggs.

Stir to combine. It’s okay if it is not completely smooth.

Transfer the sweet potato mixture to a 2-quart baking dish and spread evenly.

Sprinkle the topping evenly over the sweet potato mixture.

Bake for about 40 minutes, uncovered, or until the topping is nicely browned. Let cool slightly before serving.

If you’d like to break up the preparation of this dish a bit, feel free to make and refrigerate the streusel a few days ahead. Or, if you really want to get a head start, assemble and refrigerate the whole casserole up to two days ahead of time. Bake right before serving for best results.

Watch the video: Η ωραιότερη συνταγή για μαρμελάδα ΦΡΑΟΥΛΑ χωρίς ζάχαρη! Sugar free STRAWBERRY JAM


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