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"Fitness" sandwich

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  • 4 slices of bread
  • a box of cream cheese
  • a boiled egg
  • fresh greens

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION "Fitness" sandwich:

Put a generous layer of cream cheese on the slice of bread, then place the boiled egg cut into quarters on top and fresh greens!

Quesadilla omelet

You need:

  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 tablespoon cream cheese
  • 1 sheet of tortilla
  • 50 g cheddar cheese.

Method of preparation

Beat the eggs, season with salt and pepper. In a frying pan, melt half the amount of butter over low heat, pour the beaten eggs and fry. When they are still soft, add the cream cheese, stir, leave a little more and take them out on a plate while they are still soft.

Wipe the pan, melt the rest of the butter and put the tortilla sheet. Put the egg on half of it. Sprinkle cheddar on top and fold the tortilla. Leave it like this for 3-4 minutes and then turn it to brown on the other side as well. Cut into 4 and serve with a sauce of your choice from here.

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Weight loss: What do you do vs. Reality

I made a list of totally wrong things (from my point of view) done by people who want to lose weight.

Weight loss: What do you do vs. Reality

What are you doing:

  • Switch to a "drastic" diet of salads or low-calorie foods
  • You resort to a "miracle diet"
  • You eat what you NEED because that's what the diet says
  • You are extremely stressed
  • You're struggeling
  • Are you hungry

In reality:

  • There are no “miracle diets”
  • Hunger prevents fat loss because the body wants to store everything it can when it is not fed enough
  • You have no reason to eat a food you don't like
  • Diets do not work in the long run. 95% fail
  • It is perfectly normal (and even recommended) to include all food groups in your diet
  • You don't have to follow a 100% nailed plan to get results

Sandwiches with Ciabatta and Chicken Flavored with Paprika

Wash the meat, cut it into slices and slice it to make it thinner.

After you have finished cooking the meat, you can prepare the marinade that will give a special flavor to the chicken legs, as follows: mix only a few tablespoons of olive oil with a tablespoon of paprika, squeeze the juice from a lemon, add salt and pepper. and mix. Pour the mixture obtained from the above ingredients over the chicken legs and mix again.

On the hot grill, fry the meat with the marinade that will give a beautiful color to the pieces of meat.

Let the chicken legs fry on the grill for about 5-6 minutes, after which you can turn them so that the meat cooks evenly on both sides and is well penetrated inside.

Grind the garlic cloves that you mix with the homemade mayonnaise and you will get a delicious garlic sauce. If you don't have time, or you like purchased mayonnaise, you can use it successfully as well.

Cut the ciabatta buns horizontally, and place them on the hot grill with the core down so that they get a special flavor.

After the buns are lightly baked, grease them with the garlic sauce obtained above and add lettuce leaves on top.

Add pieces of grilled meat over the salad leaves and the sandwiches are ready to be enjoyed!

22 Ways You're Eating Lunch Wrong

Do you buy your lunch every day? You're doing it wrong.

Avoid these common pitfalls for a more convenient and satisfying afternoon meal that actually holds you over until dinnertime.

1. You eat lunch at noon. Chances are, noon comes a few hours after breakfast & mdash but dinnertime won & rsquot come for another six or seven hours at least. In terms of appetite management, this makes zero sense because you teach your body to expect a meal every few hours, then starve it the bulk of the day. It could explain why you feel hangry and unfocused in the afternoon, and why you eat anything and everything in your path the second you get home from work. Instead of eating your second meal of the day so soon after breakfast, start your day with a bigger breakfast that includes a good source of protein, like Greek yogurt or eggs. Then eat a small snack at noon, and have your real lunch a bit later in the day. Bye, hanger!

2. Your lunch is mainly carbs. Common lunch foods & mdash like sandwiches, chips, and leftovers like pasta and rice & mdash tend to be carb-heavy. But filling up on carbs leads to an energy crash and food cravings around mid-afternoon, explains New York-based registered dietitian Katherine Harris, director of integrated nutrition at AdvantageCare Physicians.

Ideally, Harris says, non-starchy vegetables (like dark leafy greens and colorful vegetables like red cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, and zucchini) should make up 50 percent of your meal. Another 25 percent should be made of lean protein, like fish, poultry, or rice and beans. The remaining 20 percent should be starchy vegetables like butternut squash, yams, sweet potatoes, peas or corn) or whole grains (think quinoa, brown rice, farro, barley), and the last 5 percent should be made up of heart-healthy fats , like sliced ​​avocado, olive oil-based dressing, or nuts.

3. You eat your lunch in T-minus two seconds. Slowing down will help you feel more satisfied and prevent indigestion that can make you uncomfortable all afternoon.

4. You drink your lunch. You might not even mean to & mdash but when you wash down your sandwich with juice or regular soda, you flood your system with calories from sugar without making you feel full. Instead, sugary drinks just spike your blood sugar temporarily, ultimately leaving you with an XXL appetite shortly after your afternoon meal.

5. You eat yogurt, soup, or a smoothie. These foods all lack variety in texture. Crunchy foods that require extra time to chew give you a chance to enjoy the mouthfeel and flavors of whatever you & rsquore eat. They also stop you from wolfing down your meal, which gives your body a chance to register the calories you & rsquove eaten and helps you walk away from lunch feeling especially satisfied.

6. You discount breakfast foods. Breakfast foods you love can taste just as good at lunchtime & mdash and they often make well-balanced, affordable, and easy-to-pack lunch options. For instance, breakfast sandwiches tend to be the cheapest option at any deli. Try yogurt with granola and nuts, a whole-grain frozen waffle spread with natural peanut butter, or a baked egg muffin sandwich with a side salad or crudit & eacutes to get some veggies into the mix.

7. You buy your lunch every day. For about the same cost of a deli sandwich (or two, depending on where you live), you could foreseeably buy an entire loaf of bread, a half-pound of deli meat, a couple tomatoes, and a whole head of lettuce & mdash which amounts to at least a week & rsquos worth of sandwiches.

8. You always pack the same exact sandwich. While sliced ​​bread works best for the hack above, your go-to toppings will taste completely different on a whole-grain tortilla, pita bread, lettuce wrap, frozen waffle, spring roll rice paper, or chopped up in salad form. Adding a new condiment (like wasabi mustard, garlic hummus, or guac) can help transform your sandwich.

9. You spread condiments on sandwich bread. It & rsquos the best recipe for a soggy sandwich. Spread them on the protein (so, mustard between two pieces of turkey or turkey and cheese). Then use lettuce as a moisture barrier between the protein and the bread.

10. You dress your salad before you pack it. It & rsquos the most classic lunch-packing mistake, and the fastest way to make a crisp salad soggy and unappetizing:

The easiest way to prevent this mess is to pack your salad vertically in a mason jar and make dressing the first ingredient you pour in. Then layer other salad ingredients like this to keep everything extra crisp:

When you & rsquore ready to eat your salad, shake it up and stick your fork right into the jar, or empty the whole thing into a bowl & mdash the dressing will be the last thing to land on your plate & mdash which is the same way you & rsquod do it if you & rsquod packed your dressing separately. If you & rsquore not a mason jar person, use these tricks to pack dressing without fear of messy spillage:

11. You pack a sandwich in silver foil and a napkin.

Cut down on waste by packing your sandwich in this tear-away paper towel wrapper. It lets you eat your sandwich without soiling your hands, and doubles as a napkin to wipe away any crumbs when you & rsquore done.

Step 1: Place your sandwich on two connected paper towel sheets so the upper fourth of the sandwich hangs over the perforated line.

Step 2: Fold the bottom of the paper towel up over the sandwich.

Step 3: Flip the bottom of sandwich away from you to envelop the whole thing inside the paper towel. Rotate the sandwich so the perforated line (and top of the sandwich) faces away from you.

Step 4: Fold down the bottom edge of the paper towel to down to expose the perforated line.

Step 5: Fold both paper towel ends underneath the sandwich.

Step 6: Tear through the perforated line between paper towel sheets to eat your sandwich.

12. You stack round sandwich meat on square bread. This leaves meat hanging off the side of your bread, which is a recipe for many bread-less (and therefor imperfect) bites. Instead, fold four slices of meat into quarters, and align each slice & rsquos straight edge with the edge of the bread.

13. You use disposable plastics. A food takeout container might seem like a perfectly good vessel for your next meal. But most of the time, cheap plastics aren & rsquot designed to be reused and will break down with frequent use, ultimately releasing harmful chemicals into your food.

If you buy any foods that come in glass jars, you don't even need to buy plastic containers. Glass jars are clutch:

14. You pack dip and dippers separately. Stand them up in a short jar with the dip on the bottom:

15. You use lame lunch-packing excuses like, "I can & rsquot pack lunch because I don & rsquot have a refrigerator to keep it in." As long as you & rsquore not stowing your sandwich in direct sunlight in the middle of the Sahara, you & rsquove got about four hours after taking food out of the fridge before things start to get narsty, Harris says. If room-temperature food really skeeves you out, just pack your lunch with a frozen water bottle to keep everything extra cool.

16. Your lunch includes fruit. Eating fruit at lunch can spike your blood sugar and leave you hungry an hour or so later & mdash especially if something like a fruit salad is your main course, Harris says. And if you like eating fruit at lunchtime? Just remember fruit is a source of carbohydrates, so eat it instead of bread or starchy vegetables, along with protein, fat, and veggies for a more balanced meal.

17. You don't eat enough at lunch. Eating a paltry sandwich or a bowl of cereal for lunch could lead to hanger and overeating later in the day. Make your morning, afternoon, and evening meals equal in size to steady your appetite throughout the day.

18. You eat way too much at lunch. Your go-to Chipotle burrito could contain more than a day & rsquos worth of calories. (If Chipotle is one of your regular lunch spots, just order like a registered dietitian.)

19. You microwave your lunch in a plastic container.

Heating up food in a plastic container also heats said plastic, which makes plastic chemicals more likely to leech into your food. Use a glass container, microwave-safe dish, or paper goods to heat up your meal.

20. You use plastic utensils to eat hot food.

Hot foods like soup can heat up a plastic spoon and cause it to release harmful chemicals. Use real silverware whenever you can.

21. You toss silverware haphazardly into your bag.

Rogue forks can mingle with the gross crumbs that reside at the bottom of your purse, or poke holes in your lunch bag. Stick a fork right into your container if it fits, or use a drink cup with a lid and let the handle poke out.

22. You eat dessert right after lunch. Dessert is a necessary part of life & mdash but it & rsquos better to save your sweets for later in the day when you & rsquoll probably be hungry enough for a snack anyway. If you can settle for something remotely healthy like a frozen banana (instead of ice cream) or a dark chocolate square with a spoonful of natural peanut butter (instead of highly processed peanut butter M & ampMs), it won & rsquot just hit the spot & mdash it may actually hold you over for a bit.

20 weight loss foods (+ recipes)

Training programs are very effective for muscle development and weight loss, but they are not enough. If your main goal is to lose weight, you need to put more emphasis on diet. No, I've said it before and I repeat it, starvation is not the solution to get rid of those stubborn pounds! All you have to do is choose more carefully the dishes you include in your diet! Consume as much as possible weight loss foods and you will notice an improvement in your health and, at the same time, you will lose weight.

Foods for weight loss that should not be missing from the refrigerator

Humus is a dish that you should keep in the fridge at all times. It is a healthy snack, high in protein and low in calories. And because it is better to prepare your own food, try the hummus recipe with dried tomatoes!

Homemade salsa sauce abounds in fresh and tasty ingredients. You can add it to various salads or meat dishes, such as chicken or fish, and give up spicy calories.

Potatoes do contain carbohydrates, but a recent study has shown that these vegetables give a lasting feeling of satiety. Also, potato peel contains a lot of fiber, which means you can include them, without worrying, in your diet. Try the healthy recipe for baked potatoes with parmesan!

A 2011 study found that people who ate nuts every day had high levels of serotonin, a hormone that can suppress appetite and reduce stress. Prepare a simple and delicious dessert: apple salad with nuts!

Avocado is very rich in monounsaturated fats, which inhibit fat deposition, especially in the abdominal region. You can add it to salads or you can serve it for breakfast, on a slice of toast, with a boiled egg. You can also try avocado salad with beef, green salad with mango, avocado and almonds or brown rice recipe with avocado and almonds.

6. Chia seeds

Chia seeds contain fiber, protein and omega-3 and are very easy to include in the diet. You can add them on top of oatmeal, for breakfast, in salads or you can try the pizza recipe with chia seeds!

Salmon is an extraordinary source of omega-3, very beneficial fatty acids for the body for a lot of reasons. It helps maintain the health of the cardiovascular system, and lowers blood pressure. Omega-3 also reduces inflammation, and this will stimulate the body to recover after an intense workout at the gym.

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is great for breakfast when you want to lose weight. A recent study showed that oatmeal satisfies appetite and gives a greater feeling of satiety than cereals, which are very rich in fiber. For more details on how to eat oatmeal, click here!

Popcorn contains antioxidants and has very few calories. It is an ideal snack to satisfy your craving for something salty.

Of all the fruits, apples contain the highest amount of pectin, a soluble fiber that decreases appetite. An apple is a great choice for a snack between meals. You will notice that you will not tend to eat so much at one of the main meals.

11. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are also very rich in fiber and, implicitly, very full. Regular consumption of sweet potatoes regulates blood sugar levels, and this will suppress cravings and help you lose weight. Try the healthy and delicious recipe for sweet potatoes with pumpkin seeds!

Pears fall into the same category as apples. They contain abundant fiber and pectin, which have been shown to be effective in suppressing appetite.

If you generally prefer spicy foods, you will definitely be glad to know that hot peppers help you lose weight! In their component there is a substance responsible for their speed, capsaicin, which stimulates the metabolism.

14. Dark chocolate

Who doesn't crave a chocolate dessert right after dinner ?! Researchers have found that the solution to this problem is dark chocolate. It has been shown that people who eat a square of dark chocolate every day have less appetite for sweets than those who do not.

15. Green tea

Green tea stimulates metabolism, reduces appetite and keeps your body hydrated. Here are three solid reasons why you should drink at least one cup of green tea every day.

Quinoa has earned the title of superfood. It is an excellent source of protein and fiber.

When it comes to breakfast, especially, many of us choose the egg, and we don't hurt at all! Eggs contain many nutrients, and supplement the amount of protein the body needs at each meal. If you are already bored of the classic boiled egg, try the recipe for eggs filled with yogurt and mayonnaise!

Another source of protein is beans. It is low in calories, provides the body with the necessary protein and is easy to prepare. Try the recipe for white beans with chilli!

In the same category we can include lentils, as rich in protein as beans, but with extra fiber. It contains carbohydrates that are actually beneficial to the body, and that support fat burning. If you don't normally eat lentils, you can start today. Try the simple recipe for lentil soup and beet leaves or lentil salad with tomatoes and onions!

20. Cinnamon

Even a tiny amount of cinnamon can regulate blood sugar levels, soothe cravings and stimulate metabolism. The easiest way to include cinnamon in your daily diet is to sprinkle it in the morning with coffee or try the pumpkin recipe with cinnamon in the oven!

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Every individual has their own reason or motivation for joining a gym. Some must because the doctor mandated it some try doing something before the doctor says so. There are others that have had a fitness regimen their entire lives and cannot live a week without it. Working out becomes as much a part of their well-being, physically and mentally, as is sleeping. Then there are those of us who meander in and out of a routine. As one member put it, & ldquoIt is so easy not to come in. & rdquo The latter is true, and we all know that we can come up with a hundred reasons why not to go to the gym & ndash even though we know the benefits of exercise & ndash in our out of the formal gym environment.

Consequently, I have to share what I & rsquove observed first hand over my 5 1/2 years at Snap Fitness 24/7 / in Sandwich. Snap Fitness is a 24 hour gym, available all of the time, so there, really, should be no excuse for not coming in. The exercisers who come 3 to 5 times a week are just as busy as those who & ldquocan & rsquot find the time & rdquo. Many have full time jobs, plus may be going to school, plus have children at home, and have all of the other household responsibilities that go with life. Admittedly, they seem like Super People.

I have learned from them what I already know, and you know it too - exercising is all about how we approach it mentally. It is a head game, a state of mind, a mind over matter issue. I asked a few of Snap Fitness & Super People rsquos how they feel if they don & rsquot work out: their answers had a common thread: & ldquoirribable, & rdquo & ldquosluggish, & rdquo & ldquomy mind gets jiggy & rdquo and & ldquoout of sorts, & rdquo to quote a few.

And so it is with the gym and people & rsquos motivation & ndash it is getting through the gym doors that is the greatest battle for most. Once people are here, they are rejuvenated, and they leave happier and more fulfilled for their accomplishment. But memories are short.

We have seen that when friends work out together, there is a better attendance rate, as one pushes the other. This concept is supported by an article I read recently in Psychology Today. The article was entitled, Motivation is Contagious and described how in a series of studies published in Motivation and Emotion, the researchers found that:

& ldquosimply placing participants in the same room as a highly motivated individual, improved their drive and enhanced their performance. But when we paired participants with a less motivated individual, their inspiration dwindled and their performance dropped, too. & Rdquo

Innately, that makes sense to most of us. Let me share one of our member’s stories regarding motivation and how she became a Super Person. Kelly a mom of three, had never lost the baby weight. She joined Snap Fitness 24/7 in June of 2012 with good intentions of losing at least 60 pounds. She seemed to have the motivation, but at the same time, she declared: & ldquoI know myself, if I don & rsquot see results in three weeks, I & rsquoll quit. & Rdquo Well, if that is not self-defeating attitude? Kelly & rsquos membership was a rollercoaster ride & ndash we could see what she did here, but we had to talk about what happened after she left Snap. We figured out that Kelly was sabotaging her good work with poor eating habits at home & ndash naturally, she wasn't dropping the weight. Further, her gym attendance was erratic. But we kept in touch.

After several months, Kelly finally got her head in the game & ndash inner motivaton - she changed her behaviors at home and worked with a trainer to keep the motivation high and increase the intensity of her workouts. She not only lost the desired 60 pounds but has a whole new empowered attitude. Kelly has more energy to keep up with her children, has fewer aches and pains and is enjoying shopping for clothes again. When she misses days at the gym, she feels cheated. In Kelly's own words:

"Making a commitment to a healthy eating plan, being a part of the Snap family and working with Matt, a Snap Trainer, was definitely the missing key that I needed to reach my goals. Matt created a workout plan that was specifically catered to the limited amount of time I was able to put in at the gym so that I could maximize my results. Seeing results on a regular basis and working with Matt, who made periodic adjustments to my work, out kept me motivated and consistently losing weight. "

In time, the stronger and more competent you feel, the more you will believe you can accomplish. So, grab a workout buddy, hire a trainer or just enlist one of us at the desk to keep you accountable. The first step is to walk through the doors - and we will ask you: What is your motivation?

Minute food - sandwich grill

What to do when you have to return to work in a maximum of one hour, you have nothing prepared in the fridge and you want to eat something not very filling? Nothing easier. a sandwich grill it should always be at your fingertips. It doesn't take you more than five minutes to prepare it and it won't cause you any problems with digestion.

What you need to prepare in a short time sandwich grill ?

  • 2 slices of bread
  • A slice of cheese or cheese (or, for those who wish, a slice of melted cheese)
  • A slice of bacon (or any other sausage you have on hand)
  • A little butter (it is preferable not to use margarine)

If you have found all these ingredients, you can start making one sandwich grill as tasty as it is fast. Spread the butter on either one or both slices of bread, according to your preferences. Put the slices of cheese and bacon between the two slices of bread and the "heavy" part has passed. If you want, you can also add a salad leaf for flavor. Put the sandwich in the sandwich maker, if you have one. If not, take a grill pan, put it on the fire and let the sandwich brown until the cheese is melted.

Of course, if you have more time, you can prepare another type of sandwich grill. You can use pastrami instead of bacon and, if you add a few slices of tomatoes, you will definitely have a good meal.

Quick & # 038 Easy Breakfast Sandwich

If there's one thing I will wake up for in the morning, it's a breakfast sandwich. I feel like breakfast and sandwiches are already independently wonderful things of comfort and deliciousness. So what better combination could there be to get your day started in one big, tasty bite?

(Although don't get me started on breakfast tacos or breakfast burritos. Be still my heart.)

Breakfast is, after all, the most important meal of the deal. As the name itself states, it is the first meal to & # 8220break & # 8221 the & # 8221 fast & # 8221 your body has been through after a long night & # 8217s sleep. It gets your metabolism going and gives your body that first dose of sustenance to power through the day. It & # 8217s is quite important, so you don & # 8217t want to skip it. You also don't want to fill up on junky, sugary, low-quality food in the morning because that first meal really sets the tone nutritionally for how you're going to feel and the other food choices you're influenced to make throughout. the day.

My ideal breakfast for kickstarting the day is something light, tasty and fueled with protein, healthy fat, and complex carbs. This sandwich has a nice mix of all three (although if I & # 8217m working out at lunchtime that day, I might even add an extra serving of poast or sweet potato hash to load up on some pre-workout carbs). It will help fill you up without weighing you down the way some heavier breakfast foods can leave you feeling in the morning.


  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Egg whites (can use liquid egg whites)
  • 1 Cup fresh spinach
  • 1/4 Cup mushrooms, chopped
  • 2 Thick slices of tomato
  • 1/2 Tablespoon coconut oil
  • 2 Tablespoon light feta cheese
  • 1 Nature & # 8217s Own whole wheat sandwich thin, toasted
  • Sea salt and black pepper

Scramble egg, egg whites and 1 tablespoon of feta cheese together in a bowl and cook in a skillet over a medium heat, sprinkling with salt and pepper to taste. Cook in a thin layer until eggs are fully cooked, then use a spatula to fold layer in half, and then fold over once more into a quarter. Remove from heat and set aside. Add coconut oil, spinach, and mushrooms into the skillet, stirring until spinach has wilted and mushrooms have softened. Remove from heat. Assemble sandwich by layering egg, tomato slices, sauteed veggies and remaining feta cheese. Happy breakfasting!


All writing and images copyright © 2018 Rachel Elise Weems Woods

About Reese Woods

Hi, there! I'm Reese, a nationally certified personal trainer and former magazine writer. Health and fitness are complicated topics, so I break down all that research into plain ol 'English. I also share my own experiments, experiences, recipes and life along the way!


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